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Why I Made the Guide 


On Medium, we see article after article of people making $50/$100 even more in their first month. Which is awesome but it isn’t the norm.

The first month I was on medium I made $1.74 and I know many more who have made pennies. Inspired by the article,“$0.23 was my First Medium Income” by Eraes Ellis, I wrote this guide.  


I remember seeing that only 8% of Medium users earn over $100 a month so I wanted to make this percentage higher.

I want everyone to have a shot at making over $100, just as I have.


Part One

Contains a break down of all the terminology; paywall, content licencing.


Part Two

Contains all the info you need to know about; curation, editing, formatting your work and which FB pages to follow.

It has in it over 16 articles by 12+ authors. 


What Makes my Guide Different?


I have done the hard work for you so all the information you need is in one place + both guides are free!

The link for part one is below, subscribe to my mail list to get your copy of part two!